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Breast Reconstruction in Aventura, FL

Breast Reconstruction Specialist in  Aventura, FL

Breast reconstruction is the name given to a number of cosmetic and plastic surgery procedures that repair or restore the shape and appearance of the breast. This is different from breast augmentation or breast reduction, which alter the size of the breast.

In many cases, breast reconstruction surgery is associated with mastectomy. Mastectomy surgery refers to the removal of breast tissue, typically due to skin cancer.

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What is Breast Reconstruction?

Breast reconstruction is a procedure used to reconstruct breasts that have been lost, typically due to a mastectomy procedure. The procedure involves creating a new breast mound, typically through the use of a saline implant or donor tissue.

It's important to understand that breast reconstruction is not breast augmentation, even though it may involve the use of an implant. Augmentation is used to add size to an existing breast, while reconstruction replaces a breast that has been removed.

There are primarily two different times that breast reconstruction can be performed:

  • During the mastectomy
  • After the mastectomy has fully healed

Both options are viable, the best choice depends on the needs of the patient and the expertise provided by the surgeon.

How Does Breast Reconstruction Work?

Breast reconstruction can be performed as both an inpatient and outpatient procedure. Regardless, it involves the use of general anesthesia.

There is more than one type of breast reconstruction procedure; they vary in their method of building a new breast.  Types of breast reconstruction surgery include:

  • Flap Techniques: During this type of breast reconstruction, donor tissue is taken from the patient's body and used to create a breast mound. This tissue can be taken from the back, abdomen, chest, or buttocks. In some cases, this tissue is not enough to create an entirely new breast. In those situations, it is combined with the use of a smaller implant.
  • Implantation: This type of breast reconstruction involves the insertion of a saline or silicone implant. Implants can be used either alone or in conjunction with flap techniques. Like all implants, those used for breast reconstruction are available in nearly any size.

After a breast mound is created, a process known as tissue expansion takes place. Tissue expansion stretches healthy skin over the mound to ensure even coverage. Finally, areolas and nipples can be created through the use of skin grafts.

Breast Reconstruction Recovery

After breast reconstruction is completed, it is normal to experience swelling and pain. This will subside several weeks after the surgery is completed. It's crucial to avoid physical activity until cleared to do so by a physician. Breast reconstruction recovery typically involves follow-up appointments with the surgeon.

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